It all started when...

I left my career in the software industry behind to pursue photography full time. I'd always loved photography, and I was ready to do more- create images that convey the excitement I feel when I take them.

In my Portraiture, I always try to give an ethereal glimpse into my subject's personality. Their strengths and joys combined with the moment

 By incorporating elements of importance to my subject, I try to develop unique abstracts and landscapes. For most composites, clients will provide details to incorporate into the collaborative images we create together.

Capturing street portraits in the moment is exciting, and challenging. Since I always ask permission first - the challenge becomes much greater by removing some of the spontaneity. Given how little privacy we have left today, though,  it's just the right thing to do.

My abstreacts and scapes are intended to convey the sensation felt at the moment of capture. Landscapes should feel encompassing regardless of how large they are printed.

I display my work in central North Carolina as a member of North Carolina's first pop-up gallery, Triangle Visual Artists. TVA members are truly a diverse and unique collection of artists. Their work can be seen at http://trianglevisualartists.com/


Contact me directly with any comments or queries - dennis@szerszen.photo, or use the form on the Contact page.